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Default Re: Gold Layaina's out..

Originally Posted by highlight View Post
John, in what way is new starbuzz superior. Its pretty-much the same overpriced, overmarketed stuff. They have some good flavors, but most brands do have a handful of winners. The new stuff seems to contain the same tobacco they always use. Enlighten me why starbuzz is that much better...
I feel they've changed their cut and actual tobacco that they use. The flavoring (although artificial) is better than what it used to be. The trick to getting good SB is just get the last 10 or so that they came out with. Also, if you are in a store take something new like Safari Melon Dew and something really old, idk, but something in the old packaging they have, like apple and try to see the difference. SB used to be good for the first 5 minutes then go bad. Now it lasts longer. I think, again, this is just speculation, fusion and Layalina's newer products and SB's older flavors are the same thing.
Again, I used to hate SB, overpriced and not that good, however lately, I hate to admit it, it's been much better. Also, "superior" is to strong a word, just better.
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