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Default Re: new al waha flavor? say what?

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Lots of AW haters here I see, well, that is alright I guess as i'm a SB hater as sugar + chemical simply is not something I enjoy. AW makes the best vanilla on the market and the honey and coffee are also pretty good. I hear that bounty, after nine and 5 star are great but i'm not into mod stuff so it's not for me i' guess.

Any way, my guess would be that Keaf is a black style shisha. I say that because a very popular black shisha is the Tunesian El Kif. I've order a kilo of it and if it's better then average i'll post a review, if it's just o.k. i'll give it away and if it sucks i'll pitch it.
AFs vanilla blows AWs away, vanilla is actually one of my staple smokes and after having both AWs just doesn't come through like AFs
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