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Default Re: What's the best material a bowl can be made of?

I think vortex is ceramic but Im not sure..
I dont understand why so few have voted for glass.. Must be since most of you haven't tried it.. especially with some form of glass screen? I heard that it is really the best way to go, for example mnhookahs jet glass funnel with mod and screen.. I cannot understand that someone would prefer like a egyptian bowl before that..
Maybe sometimes a tangiers funnel with mod is betetr with some shishas but I think in general that when a glass funnel with screen works the best, it must give the best taste.. No coal in tobacco, no coal taste, evenly burned tobacco...
No foil taste!! No foil hassle.. like "ohh to thin foil for this tobacco, oh no need thicker foil, oh no dubble layer this time!" ...
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