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Default terrible night

ok so started out smoking some alwaha orange cream, that was good and all had a decent hour with that the the bowl started to die and i didnt want to smoke a lot of one flavor so i was using a small egyptian bowl (i had to soak it for a while before hand to get out the junk from the jewels double apple i smoked a while ago but the bowl was fine on the first bowl). then i went emptied the bowl and washed it out scrubbed it whit a sponge and thought i cleaned it out well. packed up a bowl of AF apple, started smoking it and it tasted a little bit like soap... damn. so i dumped the bowl and rinsed it out really really well smelled fine, packed up again. still tasted like soap. washed out my hose and it was fine for a min then it started to taste like soap again. dumped that and packed up a different bowl with some double apple jewel and nakhla lemon. that tasted ok but just wouldnt pull well so i tried poking into it and clearing out the holes, epic fail, got a bit of shisa stuck in the stem so i pushed it down and cleared it out but the bowl still pulled hard so i dumped it and packed some AF apple and nakhla lemon and again got the soap taste.

so screw it i dumped freshly lit coals and im just going to clean it out and be done with it for tonight. pisses me off

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