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Default I swore I wouldn't smoke tonight

Lately I've been smoking a bit too much and tonight I was ready to take a break, comfortably.
We put the kids to sleep and I start to thumb through the fridge. We still had some lamb basil sausage that I didn't cook this weekend, put em on the grill, now need something else, found some white onion and tomato, so chop em up and into aluminum foil and on the grill. The I just happen to walk by 3 heads of garlic, yes heads. Have you ever slice the top of them, added oil salt and pepper and wrap in foil, then throw on the grill under low heat?
Also, it's unusually humid for CA so all of these together have made me sweat off a few Kgs. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I enjoyed the whole meal with a bottle of Chilean red wine, yes the whole bottle, the wife is prego and doesn't get a sip (more for me) I'm drinking the last glass as I type this thread.
The food/drink/sweat is soo good that I had to break my promise, excuse me while I go light up a nice hookah to complete my early evening
thought I'd share my mood HP!
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