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Default Unflavored Salloum.... how?!?!

So I picked up a TON of shisha from John today. The one I was most excited to try was the Salloum. I opened the box and was surprised how dry it was... I mean, it was literally so dry it was hard to work with.

I tried to pack the bowl like normal Nakhla, pulling the shisha apart and sprinking it in, then packing it down just a bit. I put two layers of foil on with lots of holes, thinking it was going to be harsh. NO SMOKE with 4 CH coals. I removed one of the foils. Still NO smoke with 4 coals.

Are you supposed to pack this stuff super tight? Are you supposed to use a screen or put the coal directly on the shisha? It's so different than anything else I've smoked, I need help.
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