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Thumbs up Why do you love Hookah Pro?

Right? I've been on a few other hookah boards, and honestly HP just outshines them all.

Mods here don't make topics mocking people for people who get banned, and more importantly don't mock or belittle anyone at all. In fact, most mods are competent and from what i've seen have good judgment, which is not only special as far as hookah boards go, but any forum on the internet. Kudos to that.

Whether you're a member, an elite member, or a moderator, i've never seen anyone come off too arrogant or pompous, like everyone just loves hookah and can conversate on an equal level.

Now i'm not encouraging badmouthing other hookah boards or mentioning the name of them, just why you like HP. Basically for me, HP is clearly the superior online hookah community, and i'm glad i can have a good place like here to post and discuss hookah.
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