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Default My cat ruined my day...

So I was outside smoking hookah in the morning because I've been up all night writing music so hookah outside in the cool weather (which I love) seemed like a perfect way to end my night (which is at 9:30 in the morning).

My cat keeps jumping up on my table and I keep putting it off but as you cat owners would know, cats are stubborn.

About 20 mins in, my cat jumps up one time and walks RIGHT into my hookah and knocks it over...sparks go everywhere, I get burned, my bowl gets water in it so i couldn't save it and to top it all off, a bunch of water got in my hose, which is non washable.

so now I don't have a hose.

...but at least I got a song written

I wasn't TOO mad about it because its beautiful outside and I'm in a good mood. Things can be replaced.

Now I'm eating froot loops ..
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