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Default Last Night

Received my MZ monster pack from John yesterday and decided to go try it out with my roomate last night. Packed a bowl of Al-Fakher Fruit Cocktail with 2 layers of plain reynolds wrap and 2 ******* Hookah Ql's.

Well it all started great, the smoke tasted good but started to get a little harsh so I removed one of the coals for a while and that seemed to help. My other friend came over to smoke with us and the usual assortment of random kids that congregate around anyone who has a hookah. About 30 minutes in, however I was feeling a noticable buzz, more so then with Al-waha (strange because I thought AF was relitavely buzz-less) and started feeling sick to my stomach. Well I went in to use the bathroom and proceeded to throw up .

Needless to say that killed the session for me. Now I'm still pretty new to hookah and I dont smoke cigs so I'm assuming that I have a pretty low tolerance for nicotene. Plus I'm pretty tall and fairly skinny so that doesnt help. I really have no idea why I felt so crappy after 30 min when I've smoked bowls of al-waha for over an hour before with no problem. Could I have overpacked the shisha or something? I sprinkled it just over the top then lightly packed in down to about even as I've seen users her suggest for new AF cut.
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