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Default Re: Why do you love Hookah Pro?

I really love Hookah Pro because since day one, the people here have treated me like GOLD. I really appreciate that. I've made some really great friends, and had great conversations with some fellow Arabs . All the other so-called "competition" is definitely inferior to this great site. Just to show how much I appreciate this site, I donated and became elite. I wouldn't join any other forum because this is simply the best; it would be a foolish thing to do. I must say I have been a bit arrogant with my "Syrian Phenom" persona, but it's all in good fun . As for the moderators, I could have easily been banned in my first week here, but due to great judgment and forgiveness for my foolish mistakes, I quickly realized I was in the wrong by reading the rules and I was fortunate enough to be relieved of it. Dunkel knows what I'm talking about . It's good that new members that join will be linked directly to the rules to read and understand before continuing. It will keep them out of trouble. The moderators are truly the best group of people you could have moderating these forums. Very understanding and they will work with you to keep you out of trouble. Hookah Pro is #1! Keep it up guys!


- Mohamed
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