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Talking HomeMade Hookahs Competition

Hey people dmc here who doesnt know who i am

So making homemade hookahs are so fun.

we should do a competition who can make the most weird home made hookah that works.

It doesn't have to be 100%, what I mean is it can be a crazy base or a crazy bowl or a crazy steam.

I my self made some mad ones, from cardboard box, af tub (my last one, u can check my on youtube page) and many more...

The winner will get 15 (about $26) all u need is to make something unique creative, and you need a paypal account.

Then make a video of you creating it or if u cant make a video, pictures will do. (but video will be best )

You can post the videos and link them here and the the HP videos section.

Have fun, I got a crazy idea my self its coming out this weekend

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