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Default Re: My cat ruined my day...

Originally Posted by MAD_HATTER View Post
CATS? tsk tsk why would you ever want a cat lol jk. me im more of a dog person. cats smell like shit and make your house smell like shit. and theyre always jumping on things and they scratch. ughhh and theyre purring is retarded. my aunt had a cat that i geuss would pet itself because for example there is the table leg and it would rub against it and pur. or he would just stand in the living room looking at you and purrrrrrrr. and when they pee in your house it smells for weeks like *ucking amonia or some shit.
You need a house broken cat and to try washing it every now and then!

My cat is awesome, looks after herself! Only bad habit she had is jumping on my computer desk when I'm working which she knows is a no go (cos I throw her halfway across the room). No shisha problems but my hookah is always on the coffee table and she sits wrapped around my shoulders on the top of my couch haha!
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