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Default Re: Unflavored Salloum.... how?!?!

As some of you know I am a big fan of Salloum plain and other "black style" moassels abd traveling alot I've smoked in a lot of different places but i've only had one such product in Egypt (that was Shh 'el-beled which is Tunsisian) so I can't say how they go about it really. I can say that in most places I've smoked black moassel they do use foil or metal screens.

Having smoked it both ways I've found that Salloum plain is super harsh and unpleasent when you put the coals directly on the moassel so I advise strongly against doing so.

The only thing I would ever smoke out of a narghile without foil tomabc (damp tobacco leaves with no molasses or glycerine) because you can't get it to smoke any other way.

By the way, I got some old El Basha and the boxes are clearly stained from with juice yet the plastic wrap is sealed. Should I assume that the stuff has gone bad?
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