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Default Re: My cat ruined my day...

Originally Posted by MAD_HATTER View Post
CATS? tsk tsk why would you ever want a cat lol jk. me im more of a dog person. cats smell like shit and make your house smell like shit. and theyre always jumping on things and they scratch. ughhh and theyre purring is retarded. my aunt had a cat that i geuss would pet itself because for example there is the table leg and it would rub against it and pur. or he would just stand in the living room looking at you and purrrrrrrr. and when they pee in your house it smells for weeks like *ucking amonia or some shit.

um.... not trying to be rude but if you aunt actually cleaned their litter boxes maybe the house wouldn't smell..... Cats aren't maintance free animals just LOW maintance..... It still requires UPKEEP and CLEANING on the owners part. Don't know where you are sniffing or what not but cats are going to smell bad if they are forced to step in their own shit to go to the bathroom...... Male cat urine also has amonia in it, especially unneutered male cats. That smell compounds if it's left in the box due to lack of maintanence... Also cats spray if they arent' neutered to establish dominance and mark territory. So there are many reasons for a cat to do the things you mention as being dumb, and ALL of which is the irresponsible OWNERS fault and not the animal......

I have three cats, who are all litter trained and my house smells clean... And purring is a natural response. They do it to comfort themselves, not for their human counter parts... it's their way of helping regulate everything and also showing affection/ happiness. You think purring is retarded? Wow.... What? huh?

Anyways--- sorry..l. That just got me riled up at work...That's just nuts!

My 3 " kittehs" leave my hookah alone. Occasionally cow will try and sniff the coals if the windcover isn't on it, but that's it. Other than that they are scared of the bubbling sound. For the most part no cat related accidents.

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