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Originally Posted by carnalnclynatns View Post
I modified a heba filter to make my KM silent running. The usual reassuring bubbly noise was interfering with my movie night, sOoo....

I dug out my heba, pulled off the grommet and dipped it in hot water to make it more pliable. When i was sure it wouldn't tear, i took my trusty spyderco and slit a few slits down the lines radiating up from the hole in the center of the gasket. This allowed it to slide ( with a bit of coaxing over the bottom of the KM's downstem, and since the gasket was just slit it sealed neatly around the stem. I attached the large filter basket (the small won't fit)and voila! She's silent running.
I would love to see some pic of your diffuseR? I have a km pear as well and a heba difuser.. and my english is not always perfect so what I understand is that it doesn't fit in standard.. so you cut one time, jsut o cut, into the diffuser to make the stem slide into the diffuser? And then how much water above the diffuser should u use?
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