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But blowing through the hose wont stop it from tasting like shit.. I promise you that if you are getting things in ur mouth, that is 99% something with the hose. I'd say the host is falling apart from inside, happend to me many times with non-washable hoses. if u run some water through it you will see that its very distusting water that comes out and even some wood parts thats from the hose..
So to hellw ith cleaning that. Throw that away and get urself a nammor or razor hose and also buy some coal from *************.com . while in there quesction yourself if you have a good hookah, a good bowl to smoke hookah in, good tobacco ..? All those answers can be found in this forum and it is very useful to look some into the other threads and read more..
Good luck. As mroe time you give it in the theory, the better will be in practic
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