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Default Re: funnel?...who needs 'em!

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
i was looking forward to maybe getting soem tangiers smoking tonight but i left it out last night to try and acclimate and my roommate turned off the freaking AC cause his girlfriend was cold (told him 3 weeks ago to get a space heater for his loft) any way the humidity was really high in here this morning so last night was a waste of time for acclimation

for pull at least ive found you dont even need to really push it away from the holes much, as long as you just pick it up from the container and drop in with a little push, some times its a touch hard but nothing major
Acclimation is just to match the relative humidity in the tobacco to the relative humidity in the air. Unless you have central air and never turn it off you will be acclimating fully everytime you want to smoke.
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