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Default Re: buzzy while smoking alone?

He He He.. I'd check the bowl for sure next time! =D
But it's good that you enjoy the buzz like that.. i wish I could too.. But it's a matther of preferences and of tobacco brand.. Some, like nakhla, has a higher amout of nictone wich is not to recommend for thoose who normally doesnt smoke shisha or normal tobacco.. But that's great that they can make good tobacco bowls in resturaunts.. Where I live, in sweden, U'd laugh if u know how shisha really tastes.. They cant do hookahs even if u'd pay them double.. they over tripple multiple overpack the bowl and then they take 2 huuuge coals and smash them right in the middle ( one place I tried to smoke ).. And I was like... "what tha.. What is this man?"
"oh it's the good brand al fakher" ...
-oh really? u guys have al fakher? let me see
and they show me the oldest most fake package of tobacco u've ever seen.. Dont event hink it was spelled right..
LoL.. so enjoy man!
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