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killerb.. That rings poking advice was mine.. well I guess all thoose was me tlaking int he chat but just so u don't get me wrong..
When people talk about "johns rings" they mean the ones he made on youtube vid ( look at website for link )... I'd tried thoose but never got it to work well.. What I meant with three rings was not jsut where u put ur coal.. It's three rings around the whole bowl as 3 circles.. and dont make them come anywhere near the middle.. That works best for me.. The John way was really killing my shisha since he suses 3 CH coals as well wich is very strong heat! But since u dont have CH coal and probably ur coals are smaller giving less heat, u could try that..
But if it doesnt work out for yah, make three cirles around the bowl instead cus then u could also move around the coals wich u cant if u only make three round circles jsut where you would place the coal..

best advice is: check around in the forum since there is lots of threads about this and u can read and learn from others experience as well! And also check Youtube where there's lot of ppl making the exact same thing and showing you in videos!
Good luck son
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