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Default Re: A quick note to people who like Hookah Freak "Pippen's Spiced Rum"

Yeah, i love the flavor of pippen's spiced rum! but we sell a lot of hookah freak to wholesale stores and it is in the bottom 10 on the sales list for wholesale. everyone said it was the name that prevented them from buying it. i didnt want to cancel the flavor because people who have smoked it really like it, so i decided to give it a name change to increase its sales.
the only thing changing is the name to Rich & Smooth, the blend will stay the excat same.
there are also 8 other blends that are getting completely eliminated and only 1 other thats staying but getting a name change.
I will let you know when this happens.
the ones getting eliminated dont sell and the names arent that great either.
they have already been replaced with some really good new blends that took me about 6 weeks to perfect, like Scooby Snack, Sweet tang, lemon pepper, Smugglin plums, Big melons, Sahara mimosa.

The Hookah freak
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