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Great man.. The key is experimenting.. And remeber you shouldn't really need that much tobacco when smoking so if you think "more tobacco more flavour" that is not always the case.. So I would in ur case maybe try to use 3 coals but only 1 layer foil to try it out. or 2 layers and 4 pieces from the beginning and then removing 1 when its starting to smoke..
Also remember.. TASTE is the most importent factor.. I smoke al fakher DA and I donot get neraly as much smoke as you cans ee ppl get on youtube videos and such.. But I get unbelivible good taste and thats the most importent.. Strange cus I have a KM with a razor hose and the smoke is okey but not explosive.. but the taste can be so good anyways so dont get hung up on the smoke..
Good Luck
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