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Default woohoo big order headed my way

ok so i have just enough coal to get me through this week then im done and my flavor selection is getting boring so i placed a huge order which will give me coal through december i think and give me a great selection

-4 boxed of cocos 84 piece
-tangier lime 250
-tangier orange soda 250 (ive had issues with acclimating tangiers but its getting less humid here and im going home soon to talk to the local place as to how to acclimate it right)
-AF mint 250
-AF cinnamon 50
-AW orange cream 250
-SB blue myst 250 (to trade to a friend since i already have some and dont smoke it often)
-Nahkla apple 250
-AW cola 50
-AW pina colada 50
-AW grape 50

-mod bowl grommet
-set of normal grommets
-rotator grommets (just want to have back ups of all so when i break them i dont flip

its gona be awesome, i had issues with HS before but i had a decent amount of credit with them and with the discount from the forum its not to bad (143 ish) and it was during the move so ill give them another try. but when i go home im going to go have a swap meet with a friend and trade some small amounts of shisha so ill have a huge selection i think

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