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Default Khalil Mamoun vs Nour Syrian

Hey guys, you've all been talking me into looking into KM's over Nour Syrian's. Well, since I'm Syrian as you know, this was no easy task I must say. I finally gave in and purchased a 36" KM Blue Pear. All I have to say is, NOW I know what all this talk is about! The KM smokes like a 1974 Buick car exhaust! It's absolutely wonderful, but I have both the Nour Syrians at John's site now. I'm very grateful to own the Syrians and I'd give them up for nothing, but the KM is an absolute smoke machine!!! Currently I have 4 narghiles:

11" Mya Bambino
26" Nour Syrian (A)
26" Nour Syrian (B)
36" KM Blue Pear

All are wonderful, and to finish this up....SHOKRAN HOOKAH PRO AND ******* HOOKAH!!!!!!

- Mohamed

NOTE: Ahmad your gift will be purchased Wednesday should be. We will discuss it in MSN my friend
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