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Default Re: Bambino questions

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
dude.. the best example is FarBeyondDriven. he smokes in a bambino and he gets insaaane clouds.. He has a phunnel and it's no problem.. and also Im pretty sure he uses a razan or nammor hose.. They will work excellent.. So if u for instance buy a chinese bowl from john ( I would recommend the big one ) u will get a phitting grommet with it so theres no problems with grommets..

oh and by the way this Mohamed ( great guy, farbeyonddriven ) has some vids on the video section I belivie, or it was youtube.. jsut search for him here and u'll find his profile page and u can ask him more.. anyway his awesome and will help you and I belivie he'll score that little thing a 9 points at least!
Thank you Nima for those kind words my friend . And to the guy who posted the questions, if anyone tells you that a Mya Bambino is a piece of trash, they are fools! I have proved that you can accomplish smoke density even better than a KM with this little Bambino pipe. However, that is not what you want, trust me. The Mya Bambino is one of the most convenient little pipes you can get, but be careful while dealing with the base. I cracked mine and had to buy a replacement. Enough with the rambling though, let's get onto what you want to know. You can use any flippin' bowl or hose you want with this hookah, but I suggest upgrading your grommets because the ones that come with the Bambino are flimsy and of poor quality. After much use, the hose grommet will become a pain in the rear end if you want to use a hose such as a Nammor hose. The hose will keep popping out and this is really irritating, so look for a grommet that can fit well with it. You can really trick this hookah out no doubt! I had a phunnel on mine a few days ago (the Phunell is almost as tall as this hookah ) and it worked fine. I have proven that Nammor/Razan hoses can work with them aswell. Just please get some better grommets, you'll be glad you did. Smoke big my friend


- Mohamed
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