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Default Re: Creating a hookah bar

Originally Posted by KLD
Now, before we start I want to state right off the bat that I just want your opinions on these matters and don't want you to do my homework for me. Please give me your honest opinions on the matter and hopefully I can provide a large population with the enjoyment of hookah like I have experienced

My father and I have decided to start are own hookah business. He has the money and is willing to spend some to make some, but we obviously have a long road ahead of us.

First off there is no competition in La Vista, Nebraska. The closest hookah bar is in Lincoln which is an hour away. I don't think we will have a problem getting people into the bar, but once we do I want to keep them coming back.

What type of equipment do you think we would need installed besides burners to light the coals?
What type of licenses do you guys think we would need? Excluding liquor if we started serving it
What type of lighting would you recommend? Black? Blue? regular?
What type of shisha would be the cheapest and best quality?
What decor would you guys like to see?
Would you guys prefer couches or chairs?
What coals would you suggest?

Please feal free to give me your opinions on this matter! If you have anything to say please say it and I will heavily take it under consideration.
Given Iv been in this business for 4-5 years now and Im venturing off into opening up my own bar, Ill help ya out:

Equipment wise, you need drink dispensers, refrigerators, and if you plan on selling food, a full kitchen is necessary.

Licenses: You need a Resale License, a Tax ID, a TObacco Permeit, and again if you plan on doing a kitchen, you'll need a Food/Services permit

Lighting: Halogen/Incandescent Have all lights on Dimmers. Have some specifically for daytime use.

Shisha: Layalina, Al Fakher, Al Amir are all musts. You can get into premiums like Fumari and SB, but they usually aren't necessary. Hookah Hookah is starting to become big now as well. Also look into Havana

Plasmas, Leather Couches (easy to clean, do not use Fabric) Plenty of low easy access tables, Glass over wood (easy to clean, maximizes illusion of space) Use Mirrors, Lots of pillows. Put some Live plants in there as well, helps with the smoke.

Couches all the way as stated above. Booths if you can.

Forget Quick lights. Use Naturals. They leave less room for the people going around changing them to make mistakes. They last longer, and arent as messy. They also dont have any smell to them. Oh yea, and the fact that they dont use chemicals is a big plus.

Anything else, please feel free to contact me.

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