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Hello everybody I'm new to forum and ,my questions might appear to be a bit"stupid " i bought a 2apple nakhla and some coals i dont know let me tell you the "brand" or whatever """"Shisha-lite"""" Charcoal tablets etc etc ... MADE IN ENGLAND ^_^ and whatever i just asked the store for coals and they gave me these ...they cost 1,5 euro which means 3-4 $ i want to know that all the coals sold for shisha use are they toxic , i mean are there toxic Shisha coals and non toxic one's? And also about the foil ...does regular food foil worx for the shisha or i need a special one? suggest me coals please and flavors...

p.s sorry if this is the wrong section to post that !

p.s 2 My shisha is diy so i cant expect insane results but it smokes good
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