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Default Re: Unflavored Salloum.... how?!?!

Originally Posted by OCMusicJunkie View Post
Okay, I've now tried my second session with no foil, tried on session with honey, neither worked well.

I think the key is adding glycerin. That's what actually creates smoke in most flavored shishas, and I think it's the key to getting the pure flavor here without having to burn it.
Never add just glycerin, use the honey/glycerin mix. Use an equal amount of each. Usually 1/4 teaspoon of mix for a standard bowl amount. Just adding glycerin is going to add a strange taste to the smoke. And keep in mind traditional tobaccos were not about the cloud volume. They were more about flavor and relaxing. Glycerin does nothing to enhance the flavor. And put that foil back on that bowl, this is not a water only moistened tobacco.
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