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Default Re: HomeMade Hookahs Competition

Well, i'm limited on money and resources as it is so i can't throw together anything too extravagant, and i was already eager to try out this idea i got for a homemade hookah as well, so i decided to do that now. It's really nothing special at all, but i definitely had a lot of fun making it. Glad i got to try that idea i've had out finally. If anything it should at least be fun for other members to take a look at The real problem i had with making this is i had no idea what to make a decent bowl out of. I looked for a good 20 mins to find some good bowl material, but could only come up with a little metal candle holder. But... it worked in a way so i was happy.

But anyways here's the video entry

I can't wait until i see some of the other peoples' ideas, hookahs made from engines, glass blowers/welders and stuff... sounds like it's gonna be awesome.

Also DMC, i didn't see your latest video on youtube yet, with you making the hookah out of the AF tub. I guess that's your little inspired part in this :P very cool btw.
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