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Default Re: Unflavored Salloum.... how?!?!

Kwikwi is absolutely right.If your intention is to blow "hella rings" than your smoking the wrong product. The problem many of you may be having is patience. It takes a couple of minutes to realy get a bowl of this stuff to perform. Don't expect to drop your coals on and click your heels together three times and blow a smoke ring.
In addition, you want to keep in mind that such products are meant to be smoked diffently than other moassels. When smoking this stuff you should be taking shorter, solid pulls and allowing the smoke to wift around the nose as oppossed to blowing big clouds. And once you get it smoking, try exhaling through your nose as well as your mouth. It will put a whole new face on these complex flavors.
Stick to it! once you get it down you shouldn't be dissapointed. good luck.
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