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Originally Posted by giwrgos08 View Post
i've uploaded them to see(brand if you know etc...)and u say lit :S:S what u mean i just light them and the powder flashses them what else :O also what is a bbq coal ? Guyz i need instructions to make the less harmful hookah i mean "healthiest" coals and also i mention again if there is any problem with foil....?I heard kitchen foil has chemicals and no way should i use it...
After you light the coal, let them get ashed over before you smoke with them. This gives time for all the chemicals to burn off.

bbq coals are the coals you would use for cooking on the grill(like Kingsford or something) Don't use them, they will make you really sick.

Kitchen foil is fine. If people use it to cook food, it wouldn't have chemicals.
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