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Default Is there a better hookah? Or is it just preference.

So, I am anticipating that this might start up some debate. I am fairly new to hookah smoking. My wife and I have two hookahs. (I couldn't tell you what kinds they were) The real reason behind my post is that I am dissatisfied with my hookahs and I was turning to the multitude of knowledge that was available via hookahpro. I am looking into purchasing a new hookah and my concern that I have here is that I want to purchase a very good hookah that will last me a while. The problems that I am currently having are: it is dreadfully difficult to get a good pull off of the hookah and I am thinking that this is from the hose and the only way that I feel that I can get flavor is by overheating the tobacco and then it is too harsh and tastes burnt. So, I am hoping that someone can suggest a good solid set up for me. I would hopefully like to have dense, flavoful smoke that doesn't seem like I am trying to drink a milkshake to get. I am trying to find out basically, what is the best hookah.


(thanks all in advance for any advice that you may be able to help me with)
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