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Default Re: Is there a better hookah? Or is it just preference.

I would have to disagree as well, i believe that 75% of the smoking experience is from the hookah not the mods, if you looking for a good set up, get a KM with a razan/nammour hose and a phunnel, you mite be able to pick that up for bout 130 maybe less, and one of the most important parts get some decent coals, otherwise all you would be tasting is coals, i personally like the coconara's and exoticas but my CH coals are coming soon and il let you now how they compare

Originally Posted by OCMusicJunkie View Post
The hose and bowl are 75% of the smoking experience. Even a cheap Pumpkin hookah can smoke well with a nice bowl and razan hose.

I'd say if you really want a good hookah, just buy a name brand from ******* Hookah like KM or MZ. Get a nice washable hose like the Razan and a clay bowl. It's much better than dealing with headaches from trying to suck air from cheap chinese hookahs you buy from the mall.
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