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Default Re: Is there a better hookah? Or is it just preference.

Originally Posted by OCMusicJunkie View Post
The hose and bowl are 75% of the smoking experience. Even a cheap Pumpkin hookah can smoke well with a nice bowl and razan hose.
I'd say this is more true then the hookah statement.. If u just clean ur hookah out ( and there is no rust ). then you buy a new hose and a new bowl and u have some good tobacco and coal. U just need to study some setups to learn how much tobacco and coal to use, what kind of hole pattern u need and so on. Then the hookah needs to be airtight of course, but some hookahs are really good.. Like KM or MZ.
So if u got enough money buy urself a complete new set, otherwise just clean ur hookah and make some blows through it, if it's airtight then just go for it ( as I said.. unless u have dont feel that a couple of $$ to spend ). then If u have really bad luck the hookah is not really for smoking, its for joking. U notice that when u have done the right setup and with a good hose u still have to suck like a maniac to get smoke, then u got a BAD hookah..

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