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Guyz its ok i just wanted to show im not here to offend or underestimate someone's intelligence. im a newb in the area of hookahs and im definately here to hear tips and learn from the older users to receive/give ideas and opinions .Thats why i got a bit upset but its ok it was just cause i tried to show the excactly opposite. So my main problem is that i live in a suburb and using bus to go downtown but i must try to search for tobacco shops there was a big one only for Hookah's but it closed and opened to a new adress (which i dont know) in that place u could find any coal any sheesha any tobacco ...2 stories full of sheesha staff...and now im only at my local tobacco store which is quite small and has only few tobacco flavours and u have not many choices...Downtown there are lot of tobacco stores with lots of options i just have to search and there is not spare time for that (also the city is huge and its difficult ) Thanks though ....

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