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lol ur question made me laugh, I am sorry to say that it is physically impossible to make any other shape then a circle due to physics. Thats why for example when u make soap bubbles, even if u use a square shaped blower the result will always be a sphere because it has the least surface area as compared to any other shape thus, the soap film tends to become circular in shape. Now that being said...the best way to create smoke rings is PRACTICE! and lots of it...

First things first is to relax u will never get anything accomplished when ur trying too hard.

It helps to take a Big Toke off the shisha as more smoke will give you more to work with

With your mouth closed, draw your tongue back in your mouth towards your throat, keeping it pointing down towards the bottom of your mouth so that the smoke moves away from your lips.

Shape your mouth into an "O" shape, but stick your lips out as if you were making an "oo" sound (like in the word 'boot'). The circle should be as big as you can comfortably make it. And make little coughing motion with your throat. Don't stress too much--leave room for movement. You will look rather ridiculous to everyone else, until they realize you're about to blow their minds.

There are alot of tutorials online, maybe a video one will help u more. Check youtube for some.

The best of luck to you!
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