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Default Re: Gave Hookahs and supplies away. (No Joke)

Well! I got back to Fort Wayne, and saw the company doctors there. I had to fly to Washington DC, for some additional tests. I checked out fine, and I got a new assignment to Salerno, Afghanistan.

I arrived here at Salerno last week, and I will be getting back to work soon. The altitude here is about 3000 feet, Afghanistan is the "roof of the world" I did some work at Sharana, which is 7400 feet about sea level.

Salerno is OK. I am in an air-conditioned tent. We have cable TV, and a decent chow hall. The base is very dark at night, no lights permitted. Last night we had a couple of mortar rounds, and I had to stay in the concrete bunker for a half-hour.

If anyone would like to donate items to the troops, Please let me know. The soldiers here can always use soap, toothpaste, tobacco, personal hygiene products like baby wipes. "G" rated magazines, like body builders, and "Guns and Ammo" magazines are well-liked. I am impressed that soldiers read as much as they do.

If anyone would like to donate hookahs or hookah supplies, please feel free. Hookahs and supplies are unobtainable here, the nearest town is 50 miles away, and it is off-limits.

BTW- Thanks for all of your kind words, and support!! It is good to be back to work on the ROOF OF THE WORLD

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