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Default Re: Some Problems...

Originally Posted by kooko View Post
I got my hookah 2 days ago.. and iv tried smoking some al fakher grape and 2apple, the smoke isn't thick and they made me want to throw up after iv smoked it. iv never had that kind of an experience smoking hookahs outside.

i got a 30inch hookah pipe, and it seems to be in a working condition.. i have set up my hookah properly.. and i have no idea where i went wrong..

and i cant seem to heat up the coals to its core, when i heat it on the gas stove only the outside of it burns and its also an al fakher coal if im not mistaken. takes me bout 10~15 minutes and it still wont glow red in the inside

so what could've gone wrong??
I would invest in a cheap electric stove from Walgreens, Walmart, etc. It lights the coals quicker than a gas stove. I would say most likely it's from the coals in one way or another. I'm not a fan of AF shisha, but I doubt it's causing your problems unless you took too many hits in a row without a break or eating/drinking anything.
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