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Default New oreder from JOHN!!!!!

Well I just ordered my birthday present from john today. I was excited with all the products I am getting.
The Contents:
1 Mya chic "blue"
1 Razan hose " blue/white"
1 250g of starbuzz- citrus mist
1 100g of starbuzz- blue mist
1 250g of fusion- cactus pear
1 50g of fusion- strawberry,lemon,mango
1 50g of fusion- white grape
1 250g of "expired" AF Plum
1 box of ch naturals
1 box of ch instants
Samples: I am getting the rest of the Pharoah's 40g's that John had left in stock and also I am super excited to be getting to be able to try out some samples of new golden LAYALINA.

Well I do plan to have some pics up as soon as it gets in and possibly some reviews on the new golden stuff. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
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