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Default Re: Khalil Mamoun vs Nour Syrian

Originally Posted by FarBeyondDriven View Post
There you go man! Anyways, I know I can not blame the defects of one single KM to the entire stock of KM's manufactured, but this did bother me a bit. Thank God for the gorilla glue, it sealed it right up and now it smokes AND purges like a dream . I think the KM is amazing, hands down. I DO understand what all the hype is about because when you can smoke Shooting Star and you are blowing smoke as big as Al Fakher clouds (even though it's not intended) then you have something going for you. Really I take back my previous comment about "Nour Syrians > KMs" because in my mind it would be like if you had two wouldn't love one more than the other, no! You would love them both equally because they both have their unique characterstics and what not. That's my final conclusion. I think Nour Syrians and KM's are both AMAZING pipes hands down, but I refuse to say one is better than the other. Is that fair? Let me know what you guys think
I agree completely. Once you get into the realm of really good hookah pipes it is hard to differentiate between two amazing pipes. They both have incredible qualities. It comes down to preference. Or some people enjoy both!
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