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Default Re: Smoke Shapes?

i picked up rings pretty quickly, and the double rings with the finger in the "shishing" position wasn't too hard to accomplish either. I just so happened to blow my first heart the other day, but like stated above, it's usually just a distortion of a ring. The heart started out as a ring, and the top took a wicked spin and went toward the center, i wouldn't have seen it without a bystander saying something cause i wasn't paying attention cause i just thought it was any other ring. Point is, if you get anything other than a ring, it's purely luck, sweet as hell luck, but try doing it again

also, for cherios... try tapping your cheek with the middle and index finger rapidly as you let out a constant flow of smoke from a small "whistling" lip position, you'll get about 40 little o's every time, they don't live for wayy too long, but it looks pretty sweet
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