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Default Heat vs. Thickness.... the never ending battle!

OK, so recently, i've been using my vortex bowl i got from As advertised, it's supposed to cut down on the ability of a shisha to burn due to the capture of shisha juices in the base. As i very much agree that the shisha stays moist much longer than it did in a usual bowl, i have been burning my shisha quite a bit recently, and it's very frustrating. I like everybody else like to play with my smoke, whether it be bubbles or rings or whatever, but you can't do that with thin crappy smoke. So, as usual, i'll add a coal here and there to warm it up more and try and get more smoke volume for my drag. Consequences of this usually result in my shisha being fried and tasting like crap.

My problem is that i like my smoke rediculously thick, not too harsh, and not burnt. Is there a way to achieve this thickness without burning it by adding more heat? I've heard of the "add milk to it" and all these other theories, but i believe it just comes back to heat management and the right environment. Does anybody who gets really good smoke wanna share their success and help me out in achieving a good, thick, peacefull smoke session? It would be well appreciated
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