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Default New order!!

so this is my second post on this site but hopefuly i will be very active on this site!!! so today i decided to burn some 110.00 dollars on shisha and a clearence sale on a hookah. As i was finished with my 10 tubs and samplers that i ordered like last year around this date, it was time to restock the shisha bar but this will probably last me till march as i dont smoke to much here is the brief list of what i got

Al Fakher 250g Tubs
Ark sous (licorice) im a big licorice fan and i had to have this
Grape (Sambooka told me to try this in his review)

Romman 50g Boxes 5
turkish coffee
melon berry (watermelon/strawberry
ivory coast (pineapple/grapefruit)

Egyptian clay bowl

Coconara coals (everyones raving about these coals so lets see)


My 3rd hookah technicaly 2nd because my other hookah broke
Mini Mya hookah w/case

Once i get everyhing set i will make a forum/video (youtube) review!!
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