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Default New KM, not a good session??

hey everyone i just wanted to do some venting on my new km session that i tried tonight but failed miserably. in tonights session i ended up getting some not so thick clouds and not alot of smoke. although the shisha was good. usually im able to produce great smoke and good tasting sessions on my sahara genie. but tonight i ended up changing plenty of things tonight i tried the following:

phunnel bowl
CH coals (3 of them)
af cocktail packed lightly
km pear
1 piece of foil
razaan hose

usually i use the following:

regular hookah bowl
exotica coals (2 1/4 lengths)
af cocktail packed lightly
sahara genie
1 piece of foil
razaan hose

the only difference with the km then the genie is that i used a phunnel bowl and different coals. my conclusion is that i used not enough shisha, packing should probably be different and different coals. im also thinking that the exotica coals tend to burn hotter then ch coals, but i cant substantiate that claim for sure.

i have read different topics and im wondering if i can get different folks tips to see how i can perfect my smoke off my km.

thanks in advance
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