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Default Re: Khalil Mamoun vs Nour Syrian

Originally Posted by vegasvic View Post
Hajo -- I'm interested in your comments here. I've always been under the impression that common chamber/heart stems are inferior to standard chamber narghiles, although there isn't a lot of conversation about this in the forums. Anecdotally, my KM's and Nour pipes (standard chamber) produce a higher volume of smoke with an easier pull than the ones I own (syrian and mya/chinese) with the common chamber. Can you expand on this?
Take into consideration that Hajo, on many occasions, has stated that he does not inhale. He smokes very delicately from what i can imagine, and loves to mull around and pick the flavors out with his tongue and nose. The 4 hole plate common chamber Syrians have a much tighter pull then KM's and Nour's, which makes it easier for him to smoke the way he smokes. I have recently been smoking this way as well and have found that using standard sized hoses instead of wide hoses is much easier to control smoke flow and volume. The taste in my sessions has been much more enjoyable for this reason, especially my Romman and Tangiers sessions. I can now blow "clouds" without even taking any msoke into my lungs (noticeably).
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