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Default RIP - The stargate

And yesterday was a sad day for all of man kind in the hookah community.

My beloved black mamba (AKA My stargate) died yesterday.
Sniffle. You were a loving loyal companion. I don't think I'll ever find another hookah who braved the bowls, good and bad, like you did.

I don't think I'll find another friend that seems as thick and sturdy as you were. I already miss you dearly.


So there it is folks. My stargate has officially died. The base will no longer stay connected to the stem. It has slowly stripped w/ many years of use.
I will miss my friend. I already hate using my other hookahs. They just arn' as sturdy, and the seal seems weak, and the purging systems suck. I find myself moping around. It sucks.... I don't think I'll ever find one I like as much, and that's sad.

Sad days ahead for me

Now I'm concerned that I may not find another hookah that I will love. I love screw bases but afraid that there are only two (the stargate and mya) and i don't know what I should purchase next...

GLaDOS: "You euthanised your faithful companion cube more quickly than any test subject on record. Congratulations!"

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