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Default Re: First purchase indecision

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Single hose EGYPTIANS/SYRIANS will smoke better then any Mya, be it one or multiple hoses. QT's are relatively cheap, but the bases are very low quality. The stems ons the other hand are of high quality, yet impossible to get perfect clean (the inside is rough). They can be coverted to 2 hoses and will smoke as well as any other Mya hookah. They are easier to set up then larger hookahs, and to carry around, but lack the abilities of a full Traditional (Egyptian, Syrian) setup. For you, a student, who studies quite a bit, and will be carrying this thing around, i would reccomend a QT. You don't REALLY need Nammors or Razans, it's a matter of preference, and you cans also buy 4 nice looking long handle hoses from Nazarhookah for the price of 1 Razan/Nammor, so i don't think hoses should be a problem as you can switch them out. I also would tell you to get a QT because college students tend to not know the etiquette of smoking hookah, and it's almost pointless to even try to teach most of them.

A QT is most definitely going to fit your needs. Bases are easily replaced, if broken. A Phunnel can be used on it. It can be converted into 2 hoses. It's very portable. It's very durable.

A heba will not fit on a QT unfortunately, but they are mostly useless.
Would putting a sander bit attached to a drill press be able to smooth out the inside of the stem well enough do you think?

Also, I'll probably only be transporting the hookah once maybe twice a week. Do you think that I should just go ahead and buy a KM? Having never owned a hookah, I don't really know how much of a hassle it is to move/transport them.
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