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Default Re: flavor retention

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
a good wash gets most of it out. you dont get a whole lot of flavor retention as much as just a sweet smell you cant really get out.

a washable hose is the best as well, a non washable may give you some flavor but not a whole lot.

since its steamed basically as apposed to burned the flavor doesnt stick really

I think you touched on something that explains my biggest concern. I hadn't thought about the way the smoke is produced. Part of the problem with pipes is that you leave the ash in the pipe to help the pipe function properly. Breaking in requires burning several bowls before you have that ash. But with a Hookah you aren't actually burning the tobacco you are heating it with a coal that never touches it. So it may retain some but not nearly as much as a pipe would.

Thanks that makes sense. And yeah I have heard all about how cleaning after every use is paramount. Just one more reason I suppose. Thanks.
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