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Default Re: Foil vs. Coal Screen

no, it's supposedly MASSIVE doses of alumnuim that help contripute to it, but they (the sciencists) still aren't sure. Each week they come up w/ new theorys behind why it's caused and what can help it. (I read Yahoo Health News daily - go check, they have new theory's everyday)

No joking, they even think that SMOKING can help ward off alzheimers.... wtheck?

unless you are vaporizing the foil and then inhaling the vapors (and it takes a good bit of heat to do this, I've seen ALUM catch on fire before) - you aren't gonna get enough aluimnuim in your body to do anything while smoking a hookah. if you fully 100% alum is that bad, then don't eat ANY canned foods, drink soda, use foil pans, cook w/ foil, get rid of 3/4'ers of the metal based items in your house.

I would think the CHROME plated metal screens would be worse off than a standard sheet of foil.
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