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Default Re: Straightening out a Nammor

mine are also from mahir, they were bound w/ a rubber band. not tightly, but enough that there are 2 major bends in both hoses. With my heavy hookahs, it's not a problem - it's not enough to tip the hookah, but w/ my 22" & 17" the bends are enough that if I'm not careful moving the hose (even bringing it to my mouth to draw) it threatens to tip the hookah over (and in the case of the 17" POS hookah DID TIP).

I love the way a MYA hangs/sits - i was hoping the nammors did the same. But the construction (plastic) seems to be the cause of the issue. I quess I may have to break down and get a few KM hoses... I couldn't care less if it wasn't washable, just as long as it's doesn't rust on me.
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