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Default Re: KM vs. MZ. Is a KM really THAT much better?

KM's are much thicker. They are much heavier as well. I don't like using MZ's simply because I hate the feel of them. KM hookahs have wider tubes that don;t constrict airflow at all, and that's good or bad depending on what you like.

I like the etchings on the KM's as well, on the hose port, base, hose, tray and the cool crown-flowers (the insignia) on the tray platform.

KM's usually look more authentic, a bit less modern than MZ's. As stated, the standard KM hoses are great as well, much better then an MZ.

KM's are all around better pipes than MZ's in my opinion for the reasons stated above. I prefer their heavy-style feel most of all.
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